The Differences Between Delta-8 Strains

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Delta-8 THC Flower: Explained

When people talk about THC, they are usually referring to Delta-9 THC, the compound in cannabis plants that produces the “high”. The Delta-8 cannabinoid is formed as Delta-9 THC breaks down. This then is converted to CBN, or, in smaller concentrations, converted to Delta-7/8/10 THC and HHC. The Delta-8 THC distillate from this small concentration is then typically sprayed or coated onto the marijuana flower.

Indica vs Sativa vs Hybrid

Choosing the right strain can be a complicated task. Trying to figure out the differences between Indica’s and Sativa’s alone can be a tough decision, and then throw hybrids in the mix, forget about it! But we are here to make this process a little bit easier for you.


As far back as I could remember, the phrase “In Da Couch” was always helpful in remembering the effect Indica strains have on you. With broad dark green leaves, and a bushier appearance, Indica strains leave you feeling calm, relaxed, and sedated. If you are looking for a relaxing night on the couch, watching a movie, check out our Limited Edition King Louie XIII Diamonds Delta-8 Indica Disposable Vape.


Where Indica strains have darker and bushier leaves, Sativa strains in contrast are identified by their light-green, thin, delicate leaves. Where Indica strains are best used for a night of relaxation, Sativa strains are best for more stimulating, focus driven situations. Working on a new project or heading out to exercise are situations most ideal for using a Sativa strain of D8, like our Limited Edition AK-47 Diamonds Delta-8 Disposable Vape


It is pretty evident that hybrid strains are, well, a hybrid of sativa and indica strains. The possible combinations of hybrid strains, and their effects, are endless. Some can leave you feeling alert and relaxed simultaneously, while others can leave you feeling focused and energetic. Try out our many hybrid strains including Sunset Sherbert, White Runtz, Wedding Cake, and more!

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Why are Third-Party Lab Tests Important?

With so many new companies in the Delta-8 industry right now, some are taking advantage of inexperienced customers, selling low-quality or often mislabeled products, for a profit. Luckily though, companies like Maui Labs use third-party testing to verify the quality of our products and give customers the confidence to know that they are getting exactly