The 3 Biggest Mistakes New Delta 8 Users Should Avoid

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When you try anything for the first time, there will always be a learning curve. you always make mistakes that you will then learn from and not repeat a second time. Your Delta 8 experience should be a positive one so here are the most common mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them.

 Too Much Too Soon
Problem: Taking too high of an initial dose is a fairly common mistake. In fact, it’s the number one, most common mistake made by Delta 8 newbies. It’s also the most costly mistake, both in time and in money. 

First-time users may feel tempted to take a larger dose or, they don’t feel anything right away,  they may feel compelled to increase their dosage before the initial dose takes effect. This may cause some very unpleasant Sensations. You may feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable, couch-locked, dizzy and it takes time to get yourself back to normal. This Is also financially costly, because you used more product than you needed and logically you have less Delta 8 to use next time. 

Solution: Start off by taking a small amount and waiting about between 45 minutes to 90 minutes to allow your body to adjust. (Wait the full 90 minutes if you’ve taken edibles and less time if you’ve used vapes or smoked blunts.) If the sensation isn’t to your liking, take a little bit more at this point, then wait another 45 minutes to 90 minutes. make note of the amount you took when you felt at your best. Now you won’t need any recovery time and you’ll have a precise understanding of your individualized dosage. 

Even if it’s a little frustrating first, start off slow and build up your dose gradually. Ultimately you’ll feel better and you’ll use  just the right amount of product which will save you both on time and money.

Sticking With Only One Product

Problem: Another rookie mistake is when new users only try one type of product or one strain of Delta 8 THC before they make their mind up about the effects and effectiveness. For example, gummies have a very different effect on the body than vapes or tinctures. Likewise, different strains have different strengths that can be helpful in alleviating a variety of symptoms. 

Case in point, if you have chronic pain and you have only ever Vaped Delta 8 t h c and you’ve never tried anything else, you can’t definitively say that cell to 8 does not work for you. Here’s why: Vapes are short-acting and they deliver Delta 8 quickly and directly into the bloodstream. this is great if you need fast an immediate relief oh, but the relief is not long-lasting. if you need long-lasting relief oh, you may consider any variety of edibles.  edibles provide longer-lasting relief, because they are processed through the digestive system and therefore deliver a steady stream of Delta 8 THC into the bloodstream over a period of time.  

Also, if you’ve only ever tried one type or one strain of Delta 8 THC it may not be delivering the benefits that you need for your particular symptom. If you are looking for a mood booster and you’ve been vaping a nondescript strain or an unidentified strain, You may want to try L.A. Confidential, which is a known mood booster. if you are looking for a euphoric feeling, try Gelato

Solution: Finding the combination that works best for you is the goal here. The key  is to be open-minded and try as many different strains and as many different individual products containing Delta 8 as you can.  Among all of the different strains and all of the different types of products, there will be a product that works for you. You just have to take the time and effort to educate yourself and to explore what works for you. Trust us though, in the end it will be worth it. 

 Not Using A Reputable Supplier

Problem: This is the second or third most common rookie mistake that new Dell to 8 users often do, but it may actually be one of the most important lessons to learn. I’ll set the scene for you: you’re stressed out oh, you’re in pain and you’re surfing the internet for Delta 8 products. you come to a website where the prices looked surprisingly low and you feel very very tempted to buy. So you take a look at the dosing information, you take a look at the  ingredients oh, how many milligrams of Delta 8 THC is in each dose and you don’t see much informative information. what you think, “But it’s such a good deal! And how bad could it really be?”

The answer to that question is: Pretty bad. And pretty bad for several reasons. The least of those reasons is that you may get products that are simply ineffective. They may have little or no Delta 8 THC in them at all. And this means that you may have just purchased some very expensive but very ordinary gummies, for example. However if you buy from a disreputable supplier you may get more than just ineffective gummies for ineffective Vape fluid and here’s why:  Delta 8  and T H C 0 products for that matter are created through a very precise scientific process. it’s that scientific process is done improperly, the product that you got may very well be dangerous to smoke or ingest. this is why it’s of the utmost importance to find a reputable supplier.

Solution: this solution is easy. do your homework and only buy from reputable suppliers. Because it’s not a deal if the product doesn’t work and it’s also not a deal if the product is dangerous to use.  So find a retailer or supplier, like Maui labs, that sells high quality, highly effective Delta 8 products. One way to tell whether a retailer or supplier is reputable or not is the amount of information they include about their products. this will give you a good idea of exactly what you’ll be purchasing and exactly how effective that product will be.

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