Everything You Need to Know About THC-0

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THC-0, pronounced THC Oh, is a hemp derived synthetic compound that’s gaining incredible popularity, because it is both potent and legal. In fact, researchers found that it’s about three times stronger than naturally occurring THC.  This is good news for people suffering from chronic pain, anxiety and the number of other conditions that are helped buy THC and CBD.

 As we mentioned before, THC-0 is roughly three times stronger than the naturally occurring THC. Before you run out and place your order, I’m sure you’re wondering how THC-0 could possibly be legal if it’s actually stronger than the natural THC. Here’s how that works! Hemp was made legal by Congress in the 2018 Farm Bill. This allowed people to use the fiber for textiles and harness the naturally occurring cannabinoids. Then it was discovered that, through certain chemical processes, THC, such as Delta-8m Delta-10 and now THC-0. Just like Delta-8 and Delta 10, because THC-0 is derived from legally grown hemp, and the process of creating the THC is legal and the ingredients used are legal, Delta-8, Delta-10 and THC-0 are 100% legal. And even though we’ve all only heard about it recently, THC-0 has been around for quite some time.  Here’s a little history about our new favorite cannabinoid.

The History Of THC-0

THC-0 may be new to most of us, but it was being studied by the US military as far back as 1949. However, it didn’t show up on the DEA’s radar until 30 years later in 1979. Agents discovered a lab in Jacksonville, Florida that combined cannabis extract with acetic anhydride. Acetic anhydride is the simplest isolable anhydride of a carboxylic acid, a common catalyst or reagent for organic synthesis, or an intentional organic reaction. Please note that acetic anhydride and carboxylic acid are extremely flammable and volatile, so this process should be left to the professionals.  Since THC-0 hadn’t gained popularity and it wasn’t largely distributed, it fell off the DEA’s radar.

Don’t Try This At Home!

THC-0 is back on the DEA’s radar, not for its potency. As we mentioned above, acetic anhydride, the compound that is added to hemp to create THC-0, is an extremely flammable and dangerous substance. So, once again, do not attempt to make THC-0 at home, it’s highly dangerous. Individuals who have tried suffered severe injuries, including burns and chemical inhalation.
Specialized equipment and specialized training are required to safely make THC-0. Distributors and manufacturers, like Maui Labs, create THC-0 in the safety of a laboratory. That is the only place where it should be made. No one wants a nuclear level explosion over THC, so buy from a reputable source, like Maui Labs.

It’s Potent, So Use Responsibly
THC-0 is extremely potent!!It will only take one overdose or misuse of this product to create a media firestorm and a media firestorm means unwanted attention. So, if you like the fact that THC-0 is legal, then avoid unwanted attention and take it easy when you use it.

Used properly THC-0 is as safe or safer than Delta 9 THC. However, we all know how the media can blow up a particular topic. So, our advice? This is not your regular-old, mild CBD product. This is as strong or stronger than Delta 8 and Delta 9 products, so be responsible. If we all do our part, we can keep  THC-0 available, legal, and most importantly accessible to everyone.

Will It Stay Legal?
Products with THC-0 exist in the liminal legal space between legal hemp and illegal cannabis, like all products containing Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC. State regulators and legislators are trying to keep up with the increasing number of hemp derived compounds and products. But every time they tackle one, a new, more effective compound takes its place. It’s a lot like cutting the head off of a hydra.

In most states where adult recreational and medical use is legal, regulators are ignoring hemp-derived compounds because they don’t fall under any of their laws regarding THC. Plus, the corona virus and actual violent and pressing crimes take precedence. We can only hope that law enforcement has realized that THC of any kind isn’t and never was the problem.

THC-0 Is Here To Stay, For Now
For now, THC-0 is here to stay and it offers the same benefits as Delta-8 and Delta-10, but, because it’s concentrated, it’s at a much greater potency. This not only offers greater pain relief and stress relief, but it also lasts longer and gives you more relief for your money.

Maui Labs The Blend THC-0 And Delta-8 Hemp Is High Quality And Safe
Maui Labs The Blend THC-0 + Delta-8 products offer the highest-quality and safest THC-0 on the market.  They are made with only organically grown hemp and their THC-0 process is among the purest and safest in the industry. Alleviate pain, stress, anxiety and boost your overall mood with Maui Labs The blend.

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